NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts

like any other creative art is so much craft.
An actor needs to learn how to breath, how to
move, how to use his voice and how to relax. An actor requires the
training of an athlete only to be told that his goal is not the winning of a
hundred meters race.

after he has gone through all the exercises that
drama schools stipulate, he needs to have the
experience of putting everything together in front of an audience.

believe that would-be actors and actresses should be made
aware of all the different schools of acting. They can then choose
which approach best suits their temperament.

actor and a singer have the same instrument; his voice; but there is a difference between training the voice for singing and training it for acting. For singing you convey through the particular discipline of sound so that the energy is in the resonance. For the actor it is the word that must impinge. But the actor must not sing the word…… .