NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts

Rahat Kazmi resigned from the civil services of Pakistan in 1976 to pursue his love for the theatre, media and education. His contribution has been widely acknowledged both by the critics and the public. In the last 30 years, he has been associated with some of the best theatrical and television productions in the country.

Talat Hussain is one of the most illustrious stars of the stage, screen and radio, he began his life as a broadcaster. He was trained for the theatre in England, where he also worked for Nottingham Playhouse.

Kamal Uddin Ahmed is a renowned Makeup artist for special effect. He formed the department of Makeup when PTV started its transmission. Several memorable characters of PTV serials are a manifestation of his skills as a makeup artist. He taught makeup at the PTV academy for several years, presently he is teaching Theatre Makeup at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA).

Anjum Ayaz has been directing plays for over 25 years. Lately, he has been involved with experimental theatre and the Theatre in the Round. He was given a responsibility to direct a theatre workshop for one year organized by UNESCO. He is also a renowned sculptor.

Khalid Ahmed graduated as an engineer but his love for the theatre led him to study theatre arts at the Landon Academy of Music and Drama (LAMDA). He has a vast number of theatre and television productions to his credit.

Zain Ahmed has a BA Honors (Theatre) from York University Toronto Canada. He has been acting and directing regularly for the stage and television. Before joining NAPA he taught Drama at BnU Lahore.