Shahrukh Hassan


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Shahrukh Hasan is Group Managing Director of the Jang Group. He is an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration. He graduated top of the class with a gold medal in marketing.

During a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in the media, he has worked with the Jang Group for over 25 years and has headed marketing, sales and distribution, editorial, HRD, projects and brands. He has also worked for Exxon Chemicals, then the largest company in the world, and one of the most prestigious multinationals in Pakistan.

Within the Jang Group he has held the positions of Director Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Project Director, The New International, Executive Director, Jang Group, Group Managing Editor & Director Projects and Group Managing Director (since June 2008).

In addition to NAPA, Shahrukh Hasan is also on the Board of Directors of The Circle: Caring for Children, the International News Media Association South Asia, Women on Board, and on the Executive Committee of The Health Foundation.


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