Theatre Courses


The NAPA Theatre Department offers a three-year diploma course as well as a three-month short course.

Diploma Course in Theatre Arts (Three years)

Students are required to attend nine trimesters of academic as well as practical training. Majors are offered in the following areas:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Script Writing

All theatre arts students must complete a mandatory foundation course before selecting a major field of study. During this period, focus is placed upon helping students develop an understanding of space, movement and improvisation as well as role development. Students are required to perform monologues as well as ensemble pieces before a faculty audience at the end of each term as part of their assessment. Additionally, emphasis is placed upon building students’ knowledge of the origins and history of drama and sharpening their analytical skills through in-depth study of major classical and modern plays.

Course Listing:

  • History of Drama
  • Improvisation
  • Acting
  • Script Writing
  • Diction
  • Voice and Speech
  • Movement
  • Directing
  • Stage Lighting
  • Production Design
  • Stage Make up
  • Production Fundamentals

Selecting a Major:

Students are strongly encouraged to seek guidance from faculty before selecting a major. There is ample opportunity for experimental work in all areas offered and students must take the initiative to explore these if they wish to gain approval for specific majors. Although students have the freedom to select a major of their choice, the administration reserves the right to deny permission to those candidates who are deemed unsuitable for a specific major.

Short Course (3 months)

The three months short course in theatre arts offers an introductory overview of the training at NAPA. Students are offered training in the basic techniques of acting, voice and speech, movement and an introduction overview of world theatre history. The course ends with a performance of a play by the students directed by one of the faculty. The course is excellent for those wishing to know more of the eaching methods at NAPA before signing up for the diploma level training. Classes for the course are generally held 3 days a week for 3 to 4 hours per day.


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