Music Courses


The Music Department offers a three-year diploma course in Music during which students spend
nine trimesters on academic as well as practical training. It is our ambition that through a rigorous and demanding training programme students will imbibe a sense of culture so that their creative musical output is channelled towards discovering expressions worthy of our heritage.

Students interested in instruments other than those mentioned above can also apply. Admission may be given if the class strength is adequate.

Any student who wishes to learn the Sarangi will be given admission free of charge.

Diploma Course (Three years)

The Music Department offers Diploma Courses in the following areas:


  • Classical
  • Light Classical
  • Ghazal
  • Popular

Instrumental (students must select one instrument)

    • Sitar
    • Sarangi
    • Tabla
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Guitar
    • Flute

Course Listing:

  • Eastern Classical Theory
  • Western Classical Theory
  • Practical & Application, Singing
  • Practical & Application, Tabla
  • Practical & Application, Piano
  • Practical & Application, Guitar
  • Pitch Interval
  • Demonstration & Performance
  • Rhythm
  • Rhythm Applications
  • Rhythm Advance Applications
  • Performance & Stage Ethics
  • Voice Training
  • Composition & Orchestration
  • Diction & Accent
  • Stage, Sound & Recording.

Foundation Course (1 Year)

The Music Department offers an eight-month certificate course in which students are required to spend three trimesters on academic as well as practical training. This certificate programme is in no way a substitute for the three-year diploma course. It is designed primarily to develop a taste for the fathomless world of music, both of the sub-continent and the West. We hope that once initiated students will be willing and eager to commit themselves to the full three-year course in music.

The Music Department offers Certificate Programs in the following areas:

  • Vocal


  • Instrumental (students must select one instrument)
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Guitar
    • Flute


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