Sada-E Nau 2019

16th November – 1st December 2019

Sada-e-Nau: Young Directors Festival is a platform for young theatre enthusiasts to present innovative ideas and new expressions in the performing arts. Sada-e-Nau 2019 features five plays by young directors in November: a play by one of South Asia’s most acclaimed modern playwrights, Girish Karnad, and four adaptations, including Tennessee Williams’ classic The Glass Menagerie and Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Sada-e-Nau is part of NAPA’s mission to support NAPA alumni and emerging talent across Pakistan.
Sada-e-Nau is NAPA’s fifth theatre festival in 2019. The two most recent were Bachpan Ke Rung, imaginative and entertaining plays for children, and Jashn Sahwan Ka, bold contemporary theatre by the new generation of theatre artistes.

Mitti Kay Ghironday

16th – 17th November
Directed By: Farhan Malik

An adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play, The Glass Menagerie, Mitti kay Ghironday takes place in the Bukhari family’s apartment in 1970s Karachi. Nafeesa Buhkari lives with her aimless son, Salman, and her shy, crippled daughter, Fatima, all three frustrated by their limited lives. Nafeesa takes refuge in memories of her youth, Salman in visits to the cinema, and Fatima in her collection of delicate toys made of clay. The family pins their hope for the future on a potential suitor for Fatima, only to have their illusions shattered. Mitti kay Ghironday is a play about family, love and the haunting power of memory.


Salman Bukhari Mujtaba Rizvi
Mujeeb ur Rehman Yogeshwar Karera
Fatima Bukhari Fajr Sheikh
Nafeesa Bukhari Asiya Alam

Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

21st – 22nd November
Directed By: Faizan Chawla

An adaptation of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Mauzam, the son of Ayesha and Mustafa Gul, a successful businessman, died along with seventy-five other people when the building he was in collapsed in an earthquake. The building was the project of Mustafa and his business partner, Rehman, who has been convicted and sentenced to jail for approving the design. Faraz, Mauzam’s younger brother, blames his father. Angrily, he confronts Mustafa, leading to a devastating outcome.


Mustafa Gul Zohair Zubair
Faraz Gul Zain Qureshi
Ayesha Gul Safia Bhalaisha
Annie Fajr Sheikh
Saima Zaheer Afreen Sehar
Zaheer Samhan Ghazi
Ghazali Vajdaan Shah
Aadam Shahab Khan

Bali: The Sacrifice

23rd – 24th November
Directed By: Damyanti Gosai

Based on a myth, Girish Karnad’s Bali: The Sacrifice is about the complexity of relationships and the concepts of violence and sacrifice. A king is distressed to discover that his queen has been unfaithful. To avoid further evil, he is called upon to make a sacrifice, but his religion does not allow violence. In desperation, he substitutes a bird made of dough, with shocking results.
Bali: The Sacrifice questions the justification of violence in the name of religion, tradition and culture.


Rani Maa Asiya Alam
Mahwat Rahil Siddiqui
Raja Yogeshwar Karera
Raani Ifrah Khalid
Young Raani Mahajabeen Rehman
Young Raja Ansaar Mahar


28th – 29th November
Directed By: Mariya Saad

A play about paranoia, conspiracy theories, love and madness. Agnes, a waitress who is in hiding from her violent husband, is introduced to Peter. Peter grows increasingly paranoid about the war in Iraq, UFOs, and secret government experiments on soldiers, and pulls Agnes into his delusions. Under his influence, Agnes slowly descends into insanity.


Ronnie Bazelah Mustafa
Peter EvansSaad Fareedi
Agnes WhiteShabana Hassan
Agnes WhiteHammad Siddiqui
Dr.Sweet Naveed Kamal


Najia Zoha

No Question

30th November & 1stDecember
Directed By: Irfan Bardai

An adaptation of Exam by Stuart Hazeldine. Eight candidates for a highly desirable corporate job are locked in an exam room and given a final test with just one question. It seems simple enough at first, but things rapidly spiral out of control.


White Muneeb Baig
Brown Faraz Ahmed
Dark Shabana Hassan
Red Bazelah Mustafa
Black Zohair Zubair
Brunette Safia Bhalaisha
Unknown Girl Emaan Ansari
Deaf Salman Raza
Guard Shoaib Abdullah


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