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Some are born funny, some become funny, and others learn it in an online workshop!

As part of this year’s NAPA festival, we’re hosting comedic collaborators Natalie Diddams and Natalia Gul Jilani, who will help you find your funny.

These women-centred workshops will introduce you to a radicle approach to writing and performing stand-up. The performance will remain the same. But the writing and development will come from a place of support, fun, and creative solidarity.

Natalie Diddams is a theatre director and academic researcher from the UK, who specialises in women’s empowerment through comedy. Natalia Gul Jilani is a professional stand-up comedian based in Karachi, who has worked with The Khawatoons.

They will run a series of online comedy workshops that will make you laugh and get you performing. Ultimately, you’ll have the chance to perform as part of an online event at the Women of the World festival, and at another event that will be a part of NAPA’s Laughter Festival.

Please note – The workshops are free. Applicants must be women, and over the age of 18. No previous performance experience necessary.  If writing the application form is a barrier to you applying, please contact radiclecomedy@gmail.com.

How to sign up:

1) Email Natalie on radiclecomedy@gmail.com to register your interest.
2) Attend one of our ‘open workshops’, on either Saturday 6 OR Sunday 7 February, 2-4pm. This will be a chance for you to meet Natalie and Natalia, and to find out more about the project.
3) Fill in an online questionnaire by Monday 08 February (Click Here For The Form).


Workshop 1 Saturday 13 Feb
Workshop 2 Saturday 20 Feb
Workshop 3 Saturday 27 Feb
Workshop 4 Saturday 6 March
WOW Performance Monday 8 March

Watch Here

Laughter Fest Performance Saturday 13 March

Watch Here


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