President’s Message

Conservatoires and Academies of Music & Theatre Arts, throughout the world, help mould gifted pupils into talented individuals and talented people to acquire a method that enables them to express their art in a unique way.

Performing Arts (music, dance and drama) are an integral feature of every culture. By neglecting them, as we have done for so many years, we have compelled a vast number of people to fritter away their artistic leanings into mundane pursuits.

NAPA offers academic courses that are not available in other schools or universities in our country. Our curriculum is designed to provide every student with a strong and broad foundation in the Performing Arts. Both Music and Theatre Arts Departments consist of teacher-performers as well as academic instructors. Our object is to enrich permanently the lives of our students by helping to cultivate and foster in them a love for the beautiful and ennobling arts of music, dance and drama.

It is my hope that the National Academy of Performing Arts not only reflects the richness of our artistic traditions but becomes a testimony to the dreams and aspirations of those creative luminaries who are no longer with us.


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