Deepening public appreciation of the arts.

Our performances bring people together, strengthen communities, and bridge cultural and social lines. The NAPA Repertory Theatre and the NAPA Music Ensemble were founded with two aims: to provide professional platforms for NAPA graduates and to promote appreciation of drama and music.

NAPA Repertory Theatre

Since 2008, NRT has presented over 100 full length classical, modern and contemporary plays.The NRT focuses on:

  • Revival of classic Urdu theatre
  • Productions of modern playwrights from the subcontinent
  • Incorporating all Pakistani languages and cultures
  • Collaborations with international directors
  • Introducing world theatre to Pakistani audiences
  • Creating opportunities for emerging artists

NAPA Music Ensemble

Music Ensemble performances range from the classical to the experimental and have met with wide critical and public acclaim.

The Music Ensemble focuses on:

  1. Reviving classical and semi-classical subcontinental music
  2. Incorporating regional traditions
  3. International collaborations
  4. Providing a platform for experimental music


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