NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts

in all its manifestations reflects the essence of civilization; it is by its universal appeal both the common and individual heritage of humanity.

For this reason, civilized nation states feel that it is a pressing obligation to preserve their individual cultures and promote their heritage.

We, at NAPA are acutely aware that in every society there is only a small creative minority which keeps the flame of its country's culture alive. This creative minority is the most valuable asset of a society.

NAPA empowers its graduates to go forth with zeal to establish and promote a positive regard for higher accomplishment in the Performing Arts.

NAPA'S mission is to give Pakistan's rich cultural texture its rightful place not just within the country, but in the world.

You need an atmosphere where you can learn to express yourself…where you can develop a vision that will eventually lead you to a profession in the performing arts.

The curriculum at NAPA combines the academic rigours of a university course with the more free-flowing approach of independent projects that is essential for the development of artistic confidence and understanding. You will learn the theory and concept of your chosen field but most of your time will be spent on working practically in a studio like environment.

You will have daily contact with some of the best professionals in various fields, who will guide you towards discovering your own artistic voice and potential.