NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts

primary aim of the NAPA Repertory Theatre is to create a climate in which quality drama—on a professional basis —can be seen throughout the year. By staging plays regularly, the company hopes not only to develop a theatre-going habit among the local populace but also to motivate writers to turn their attention to writing exclusively for the stage.

Repertory Theatre is not just committed to highbrow, avant-garde experimental work, but to tackle all sorts of theatrical genres, including the hyperbolic melodrama which so gripped the attention of Urdu dramatists of the 19th century, (including Agha Hashr) for nearly 75 years.

important enterprise of the Company is to translate into Urdu major dramatic works from across the globe and produce them on stage. This activity, it is hoped, would play a substantial role in contributing to the development of a canon of major plays that would be accessible to our actors and directors all over the country.

Repertory Theatre began operations early in 2008 and is mainly composed of NAPA alumni and students who have graduated with exceptional skills as actors. For the first time in the history of Pakistan a Theatre Company staged six professionally produced plays in 2008, 2009 and 2010. These plays received both popular and critical acclaim.