NAPA - National Academy of Performing Arts

Nafees Ahmad is the son and disciple of the illustrious sitar nawaz, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. A versatile sitar player himself, he is highly knowledgeable of both Eastern and Western music. He has performed with various symphony orchestras and musical ensembles all over the world.

Arshad Mahmud began his career with EMI as a talent hunter. Today he is one of our leading composers. He has studied extensively, both Eastern and Western music. He has been composing music and handling orchestras for nearly thirty years.

Ustad Bashir Khan is a tabla Maestro. He inherits the authentic baaj of Punjab Gharana through his ustad, Karim Bux Paima who was one of the most acclaimed tabla players of his times. He is also one of the finest accompanists and has accompanied many of the great instrumentalists and vocalists of the sub continent.

Julian Qaisar

Julian Qaisar Julian completed high school from the Ida-Rieu School for the Blind and completed intermediate and associate degrees BA from the Ida-Rieu College. He has studied English literature and taken vocational training in Indian classical music. He also learnt to play tabla, harmonium, and keyboard and has taken singing classes from three different teachers for six years. As a student at NAPA, he studied Eastern and Western music theory with piano. He is currently a teaching assistant at NAPA. He has worked as a musician and a part time singer on an Awaz TV morning show for few months, and has taken courses in jazz music, church leadership, amongst others.

Philip Shahid

Philip ShahidPhilip Shahid has had a keen interest in music since childhood, when he received basic music lessons from his teacher Mr. Pervaiz Chaman. He completed a diploma in music (piano) from NAPA in 2015 and has been a faculty member teaching piano since. Philip has worked in schools including the Beaconhouse School System, City School, Haque Academy, Army Public School, Happy Home School and Bayview High School and is currently working at Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School.

Ustad Salamat Hussain is a flute maestro who acquired his early training from Ustad Mushtaq Hussain and Ustad Guchan Khan. He joined PIA Arts Academy in 1966 and was later associated with the National Performing Arts Group.

Umar Jameel, took a degree in music and piano performance from Knox College, Illinois, and also studied music and composition in Vienna. He’s also a certified Piano technician from Chicago School of Piano technology.

Arsalan Pareyal

Arsalan PareyalArsalan Pareyal, a NAPA graduate, is a contemporary jazz fusion guitarist and a Rubab player from Karachi, Pakistan. Arsalan teaches jazz theory/improvisation and advance rhythm techniques at NAPA. As a student, Arsalan was selected multiple times for the exchange programme between NAPA and the University of Texas, Austin, where he studied advance jazz theory, sight reading and composition. Arsalan is the lead guitarist and a founder of PAK-USA collaborative band Sangat. He has designed a music curriculum for community schools in Karachi and is working on the music faculty of the nonprofit Azm-e-Naujawan to provide education to needy children.

Yousuf Nisar

Yousuf NisarYousuf Nisar is a vocalist as well as a music instructor having studied Eastern & Western classical ,usic at the National Academy of Performing Arts and music composition at the Butler School of Music, University of Texas, Austin. Currently, he is a NAPA faculty member, teaching Eastern Classical Theory.