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“It kept the audiences just riveted to their seats and provided them the ample laughter”.

“Just pure entertainment meant just to make the viewers relax and laugh their tensions away”.

The Play Ghanchakkar, staged at NAPA on Thursday evening was one big pack of laughter and kept the audience revited to their seats

International The News – City News

International The News – City News

“Fajr Sheikh could be the highlight of NAPA’s newer lot in term of actress for her voice has the “tenderness” that the directors in the industry crave and the throw that theatre demands”.
A scene from Mureed-e-Shak

The Express Tribune – Life Style

The Express Tribune – Life Style

NAPA Festival kicks off with Hashr’s Mureed-e-Shak
One must tip one’s hat to the young actors. A new crop of competent actors is ready.
A Scene from Mureed-e-Shak – White Star
Dawn – Metro South

Dawn – Metro South


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