Jashan Sawan Ka 2019

11th July – 4th August 2019

National Academy of Performing Arts remains committed to innovation and excellence in the performing arts and presenting the best performances to the citizens of Karachi. NAPA’s mission is to be an institution of excellence that provides quality education, rigorous training, and is a catalyst for creative expression in the performing arts.To fulfil this mission NAPA stages a number of events throughout the year including plays, music concerts, and festivals. We hope you will continue to support our vision for a society that cherishes, respects, and encourages creative, artistic expression through the arts, especially the performing arts.

Lights Out

11th – 14th July
Directed By: Fawad Khan

Lights Out written by Manjula Padmanabhan. Every night, Laila and Rahat hear screams coming from the compound next to their apartment building. Laila wants her husband, Rahat, to report the matter to the police. Rahat, does not believe the screams are as loud as Laila makes them out to be, nor are they worth reporting. They hear the screams night after night, and turn off their Lights, to prevent their windows being broken. What exactly is going on?  Are the screams real? Is a crime being committed?


Laila Kiran Siddiqui
Rahat Samhan Ghazi
Sikandar Measam Naqvi
Nena Kulsoom Aftab
Danish Farhan Alam
Fareeda Abeera Pervaiz

Heer Project

18th – 21st July
Directed By: Zain Ahmed

A retelling of the story of Heer Ranjha from the viewpoint of Heer, incorporating modern poetry, dance and music to retell the iconic love tale from a feminist perspective.


Hajra Yamin
Shabana Hassan
Syeda Maha Ali
Zarqa Naz
Masooma Nadir
Marium Saad
Hani Taha
Vajdaan Shah
Sabiha Zia
Erum Bashir

Music Ensemble:

Alan Malik
Joshua John
Natasha Sharif
Eden Rose
Cynthia Rose
Khadeeja Imtiaz
Muqaddas Saleem
Angeli Sarfaraz

Music Director:

Nigel Bobby

Dead End

25th – 28th July
Directed By: Sunil Shanker

An adaptation of David Mamet’s masterpiece Glengarry Glenn Ross. Set in the 1980s, the story revolves around real estate agents who are trying to survive in a brutal and competitive market. The salesmen work at a real estate company called Dream Ambassadors, selling Dead End properties. This is a crucial month: the sales contest is on, and whoever makes the most sales will win a new car. The competition is on but events take a drastic turn.


Baber Daud Sunil Shanker
Malik Rohaan Ali Junejo
Darioos Ghaaswala Saad Zameer Fareedi
Ghreeb Nawaz Samhan Ghazi
Dr. Taimoor Mirza Amir Naqvi
Inspector Imran Ejaz-ul-Haq
John Caldeira Usman Javed


1st – 4thAugust
Directed By: Uzma Sabeen

Two best friends fall in love with the same girl. They make a pact that neither will pursue her, but changing circumstances bring her back into their lives. Pooja is a story of betrayal and faith.


Pooja Fajir Sheikh
Aakash Raheel Siddiqui
Pawaan Vajdaan Shah
Haris Khan
Usman Javed
Ifrah Khalid
Rao M.Shawaiz
Najah Siddiqi
S.M Asfand Yar
Danish Irshad Abro
Noureen Mumtaz
Fawad Khan
Xenab F.Ansari
Arsal Khan
Samina Seher
Shahla Shahanshah


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