We welcome you to apply to NAPA and start your artistic journey. There are different admission dates for different courses which are listed below.

Admission Dates

NAPA has different admission dates for different courses


Theatre Short Course (3 months) 
Admissions are held in April every year for the course which generally runs from May to July
Theatre Diploma ( 3 Years)  Admissions are held in August every year for classes that start in September.


Short course and Diploma Admissions are held in July every year for classes that start in August every year.

Admission Criteria

  • The minimum age for application is 17 years. is no upper age limit.
  • For diploma course applicants should have an ‘A’ Levels or an Intermediate certificate (from a recognized University).
  • Preference would be given to applicants with some experience of performing arts.

Application Forms

Application Forms are collected from NAPA premises on weekdays. When submitting Application Forms, applicants are required to bring with them:

  • Original NIC and two photocopies.
  • Attested copies, as well as originals (for verification), of all educational documents and certificates.
  • Two passport size photographs.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Once admission forms have been accepted, the candidates will be provided a schedule for auditions, followed by an interview.

Music Auditions

  • No recorded material or accompaniment is permitted during an audition.
  • Live tabla and harmonium accompaniment is available.
Vocal Music
  • Candidates must perform at least one vocal composition of their choice (2-3 min. duration).
Instrumental Music
  • Candidates must perform one piece (2-3 min. duration) on an instrument of their choice.
  • With the exception of piano, Candidates are required to bring their own instrument.

Theater Arts Auditions

  • Candidates will be offered a choice of 5/6 monologues by NAPA. They must choose one and memorize it. In addition, candidates must prepare a monologue (2 to 3 minutes in duration) of their own choosing. This second monologue should be in contrast to the piece given by NAPA.

Accepted Candidates

  • A list of accepted candidates will be displayed on the notice board in NAPA.
  • All registration fees and fees for the first trimester must be paid in full prior to commencement of classes.


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