Bachpan Kay Rung 2019

21st September – 13th October 2019

Bachpan kay Rung will entertain and inspire children with four plays over four weekends in September and October.Over the years that NAPA has been staging plays for children, we have seen the growing support for enriching and educational entertainment. This year, we have expanded our scope with this new festival that marks an exciting addition to our annual calendar. The performing arts help children grow their imagination and become curious, creative thinkers. We believe that it is crucial to introduce children to theatre and music at a young age, so that they develop the understanding and appreciation that leads to a life-long love of the arts. We are also committed to bringing the performing arts to children from underfunded schools who have little opportunity to experience theatre and music. The plays in this festival will take children on thrilling journeys, transporting them with fairy tales, classic stories from Urdu literature, and a contemporary look at the lives of children today. Come celebrate the magic of theatre with us!

Chacha Chakkan

21st – 22nd September
Directed By: Zarqa Naz

Chacha Chakkan likes to be involved in everything that is taking place in his home, casing a great deal of bother for his family and all those around him. Even the simple task of hanging a picture becomes a long, drawn-out marathon of disasters. Chacha Chakkan is a delightful look at one of the most beloved and eccentric characters in Urdu literature.


Chacha Farhan Alam
Chachi Asiya Alam
Bundu Syed Arsalan
Muda Raheel Siddiqui
Banoo Harshika
Chutan Kaushik

Ali Baba Chalees Chore

28th  – 29th September
Directed By: Umair Rafiq

A villager uncovers a web of political intrigue after discovering a treasure in a secret hideout. Ruthless bandits pursue the man to silence him and ensure that the treasure remains hidden. A retelling of the classic tale of Ali Baba, this production seeks to revive interest in the traditional stories of our childhood and reignite the forgotten art of storytelling.


Ali Baba Muneeb Baig
Marjina Shabana Hassan
Qasim Aqeel Ahmed
Bhabhi Sehrish Qadir
Babloo Al Bubblegum Hammad Khan
Chutu Ahsan Ali
Raavi Umair Rafiq

I Am Possible

5th – 6th October
Directed By: Zakiullah Khan

A musical play, I Am Possible will grab children’s attention with superheroes and animal characters that help children understand friendship, respecting elders, taking care of the environment, and encourage self-awareness, thinking independently, and working cooperatively.


Various Character Farhan Alam
Various Character Safia Bhalaisha
Various Character Sarmad Khan
Various Character Zakiullah Khan

Sheherbano Alif Laila

12th – 13th October
Directed By: Shumaila Taj

Inspired by the Arabian Nights, a story within a story, a tale without end…
A derwaish curses a king’s family, saying that a child will be born who will cease to feel happiness on his twenty- first birthday. That child is now the king, Shah Meer, and has passes twenty-one. Artistes and entertainers are brought from all over the kingdom to amuse him, but bored and unable to feel joy, he cruelly punishes them. A wise man tells him that the curse can only be broken by someone of pure heart and selfless intention. One day, a gypsy girl named Sheherbano arrives at court and tells him four tales.


Wazeer Chor No.3 Samhan Ghazi
Shahmir Farhan Malik
Sheherbano Fajr Sheikh
Malik-Naukar-Gadha Danish Khan
Bail-Chor No.1 Ahsan Ali
Gadha-Mir Baqar-Qazi Akbar Aftab Ladhani
Machaira-Chor No.2 Aqeel Ahmed
Jinn Abu Qasim Muhammad Fraz Chhotani


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